The Reason Why YouTube Buffering Is Slow

Sometimes there are many people who blame YouTube for its long buffering time and the video quality is not maximal internet satelit. However, YouTube and Google do not want to blame because it is a user of the service and also it’s Internet Service Provider (ISP).

But actually, ugly video quality and length of buffering time is due to the data packet used is thinning so it is very difficult to receive data with large capacity. Therefore, it would be better if you try to replace it with internet satelit.

In addition, it is because due to errors of the ISP used. According to YouTube, ISPs are the main role-holders in the speed setting, how fast the video data from the central server to the user’s device.

In addition to the time, the quality of the submitted video also depends on the ISP as an Internet service provider. After packet data and ISP factors, the third element that creates streaming on YouTube takes long buffering time and is poor quality because of a large number of people watching one desired video at a time.

Since most YouTube videos can be watched for free, there is no setting as to how buffering time and video quality can be eliminated.

Surely it is a weakness of YouTube because other streaming video providers such as Netflix, Hulu and others have paid services that can deliver the highest quality data and short buffering times.

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