Innovation That Makes You Easy in the Kitchen

Cooking is quite complicated and time-consuming. That is the reason many people choose to eat at a stall or restaurant. But, more and more innovation of cooking equipment that can ease and saving your time. Examples are the following:

1. Anti-Lonely Ramen Bowl

This bowl should be a friend of a smartphone addict. This bowl is in regular shape, but at the edges, there is a hole that you can use to put your smartphone, so you can keep using your smartphone while you eat.

2. Banana Cutter

Children there often eat bananas but never run out because of their large size? With this tool, all the problems you can overcome. This tool can be used for fun with one size bite for children.

3. Eggs Mold

Is your child bored with a round egg shape? You can use this tool to obtain a variety of boiled eggs