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Z Med Clinic offers the best services with the best treatment for your entire health problem. More information about the clinic can be seen on .

Z Med Clinics located in Texas and spread into three cities which are Houston, Corpus Christi, and The Woodland. Known as the best health support services, it is hired the professional and experienced medical expertise and staff member to perform medical treatment for the patient. The doctor who supervised for the clinic is DR Bertram Posser, Thomas Chick, and Stanley Heckort, meanwhile the health care practitioner is Allen Ford, Donny Marian, Nguyet Nguyen and Centuriea Armstrong. All of this people are expert in their own field. Do not forget the professional and experienced staff member that will give you a warm and friendly atmosphere during your visit to Z Med Clinic. Best experts supported with advanced medical equipment to help provide the best result for the patient. Not only in clinic building, we also have a licensed health care provider for telemedicine program. It is also supported by HIPAA and VHDS system to have high-quality video consultation and secure data transfer. Not only the worker, Z Med Clinic also have the latest treatment for health problem including IV infusion therapy, vanquish treatment, PRP therapy etc. Professionalism can be seen in every aspect of Z Med Clinic. Improve your health with expert and professional suggestion and get a life-long health and happiness.

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