Repairing a water damaged iPhone

To avoid the high repair price and service charge, of course, it would not hurt to apply some of the iPhone help tips that get hit by handling with proper handling before it has to be fixed. However, this is just a first aid attempt to rescue your iPhone, so don’t hesitate to hire the best iPhone 7 plus repair near you, just in case when the problem is too hard for you to handle.

Make sure iPhone is Off or Off

If the iPhone is already submerged or submerged into the water can still be lit, then you just disable the iPhone. By turning off the iPhone, it will minimize the possibility of the short circuit or short circuit.

But usually, most smartphones and some electronic devices will turn off automatically when exposed to water. But if there is a problem with the short circuit, the iPhone will also automatically shut off.

Dry iPhone Until Very Dry

The thing you should do next, of course, dries your iPhone. Yes, an iPhone that has water is, of course, should be drained immediately until you are sure it is completely dry.

You can use a dry tissue or cloth to clean and dry out a wet iPhone. But the thing is quite difficult is to drain the iPhone on the inside of the water.

You can use a hair dryer and drain the warm wind to the sidelines or cavity that most likely water into the iPhone, such as Lightning port, 3.5mm jack, and so forth.

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