Mobile Phone Batteries and Cheap Chargers Can Be Dangerous

Does your battery have any signals of broken signals such as the drop or swell? If such a thing happens then you should replace it with a new one. But you can not just buy a new battery that is generally sold at an affordable price in the market. Why? Most batteries manufactured in addition to the original manufacturer are not equipped with a security system that complies with the standards. Many of the problems of exploding and real batteries start from the battery at an affordable price. This also applies to the charger, in other words, your charger. Cheaper chargers are also many who do not provide protection systems in it too often give excessive power to your battery. The end is not a fullback smartphones but your batteries are naturally damaged as well even to the point of exploding. Therefore, you must choose in order to secure your phone battery, one of them is to do charger not by using power bank but through ordinary place or even if you are in public place, use the facility we provide phone charging station rentals for events.

For those who like to use smartphones for multitasking activities of course often complained about battery power is quickly exhausted, therefore they generally immediately close the application-driven time is not required, including placing the application of the battery manager. Truly such a thing is not necessary because the Android operating system is one step ahead with its own battery management power. For example, the system will be closing the application that is open after a few seconds after you switch to another application. In general, multitasking activities have only an effect on RAM memory that can make your smartphone slow. In fact, animated wallpapers, Wi-Fi to GPS have no effect on cell phone Batteries. Some people who recommend Android smartphone users not to put motion wallpaper or animation on the smartphone so that the battery does not run out quickly. So also with other connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. Need to know if the animated wallpaper only has a fall on the use of battery power of about 2% only.

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