Gestational Diabetes Danger for Pregnant Women

In addition to children who receive the consequences of gestational diabetes, pregnant women may also experience high risks such as preeclampsia conditions during pregnancy. This condition will cause maternal blood pressure becomes higher, protein content in urine is also very high and swelling in the legs. This condition can be very serious if not treated immediately, including the risk of sudden death of the mother and baby. Death can occur either inside or outside the womb. This risk occurs because the mother cannot regulate blood sugar levels and do not undergo diabetes treatment or take during pregnancy.

Not all pregnant women can experience symptoms of gestational diabetes, but these symptoms can be felt when blood sugar jumps high (hyperglycemia), such as:

– Often feel thirsty.
– Frequent urination.
– The mouth is dry.
– Easy to feel tired.
– Blurred vision.

So, diabetes is very dangerous because it can cause long-term complications. But people with diabetes can overcome this by regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining a diet. You can also visit our website to get products that can help you overcome this disease.

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