Function And Definition Lash

Eyelashes are partly located on the outer edge of the eyelid that consists of tiny hairs that grow neatly along the eyelid. Eyelashes from one person to another person differently because there are many kinds of shapes eyelashes, there are tapering, straight, long and short forms of the combinations mentioned. Lashes that will add beauty to someone that lashes with the long and tapering shape. Then the question that appears is do eyelashes grow back? You can find the answer on our website.

Eyelash function is to reduce the light entering the eye with light-reflecting excessive. Eyelashes, eyes hair or more precisely, a part of the eyelid that forms strands of hairs. These hairs serve to protect that dust, sweat or water that drips from his forehead does not enter the eye. Eye hair is very soft hair. The sections on organ eyes work together to deliver light from the source to the brain to be digested by the nervous system. The sections are:

– Cornea
Is the outermost part of the eye that receives light from the light source.

– sclera
Is part of the eyewall white. The average thickness of 1 millimetre but in muscles, thickened to 3 millimetres.

– The pupil and iris
Of the cornea, the light will be forwarded to the pupil. The pupil determines the quantity of light entering the eye deeper. Pupils dilated if dark room conditions, and will be narrowed if the bright room conditions. The width of the pupil is affected by the iris around him. Iris serves as the diaphragm. Iris is seen as the coloured part of the eye.

– Eye lens
The lens of the eye receives light from the pupil and pass them on to the retina. The function of the eye lens is set to focus the light so that the light falling directly on the retina yellow spots. To view a distant object (light coming from far away), the eye’s lens will be thinned. As for seeing close objects (light coming from the close), the eyepiece will thicken.

– Retina
The retina is the part of the eye is most sensitive to light, particularly the part of the retina called the yellow spots. After the retina, the light transmitted to the optic nerve.

– The optic nerve
The nerve that enters the cell ropes and cones in the retina, to get to the brain.

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